domingo, 26 de agosto de 2012

The first Taste

[kik]  Brigitte (grey) Hair
LaGyo Catty headbend @ TDR
ITGIRLS Carmen Skin / Pale NEW
"tSg" WetLook eyes
:Hebenon Vial: The Minimalist
MONS[Summer Love Collection] Clamp Bracalet
[Amarelo Manga] Set Flapper (Onyx) NEW
*Crazy* Glam Minidress Lace  - MESH - NEW

I lie in an early bed thinking late thoughts
Waiting for the black to replace my blue
I do not struggle in your web because it was my aim to get caught
But daddy longlegs, I feel that I'm finally growing weary
Of waiting to be consumed by you
Give me the first taste
Let it begin, heaven cannot wait forever
Darling just start the chase
I'll let you win, but you must make the endeavor

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