martes, 1 de enero de 2013

Love you so ...

::Exile:: Breathe Me Hair : Naturals
(fd) Bird Skin  Clean Gloss 1
{Sugar Heart} Mesh Septum Ring  Steels
(NO) Openback Lace Tee - Cream @ Collabor88
*COCO* MaxiSkirt Brown

I’m fighting a war that I did not choose
I’m hosting the blame when my ego’s bruised
I’m pointing the gun towards my oldest friend
I’ll carry your heart till the bitter end

Now you own a lifetime, of woes,
But they ain't mine

You know I love you so,
Even though I can't let you know
You know I love you so,
Forgetting all of my trials
You know I left you lonely
You always leave me with doubt
You know I love you so,
And so, and so, and so, and so

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